Beavers Cubs Scouts

Leader Team

The Scout Group is led by a Group Scout Leader (GSL) and managed by a Group Executive Committee. The different Sections are run by Uniformed Leaders. All are unpaid volunteers who have been checked to ensure they are suitable to work with young people and who have available the support and training they need from the Scout Association to ensure everyone involved enjoys Scouting in a safe manner.

Group Scout Leader Mrs Claire Neal
Assistant Group Scout Leader Vacant
Beaver Scout Leader Mrs Claire Neal
Asst. Beaver Scout Leaders Mrs Caroline Williams
Beaver Scout
Sectional Assistants
Mr David Williams
Cub Scout Leader Mr Adam Baxter
Asst. Cub Scout Leaders Mrs Lizette Boyle

Mrs Caroline Dequidt

Cub Scout
Sectional Assistants
Mrs Karen Johnson
Scout Leader Mr Tom Hacker
Asst. Scout Leader Mr Paul Roast

Miss Emily Dequidt

Sectional Assistant Jackie Nye